Lab Photos


Wu Lab at Mayo with Lindsey from Scientifica (Sep, 2017)


Farewell party for Lijie, Chika, and Stephen (Apr, 2017)


Wu lab with Dr. Mark Mattson (Apr, 2017).


Wu lab Christmas party (Dec, 2016). Merry Christmas!


Wu lab with Dr. Vadim Bolshakov (Oct, 2016).


Farewell party for Lijun (Jul, 2016). Thank you, Lijun!


Celebration for our first R21 grant (Mar, 2016). Congrats, Wu lab!


Wu lab Christmas party (Dec, 2015). Merry Christmas!


A celebration party at Madhu's house (Oct, 2015). Congrats, Madhu and Bala!


Wu lab farewell party for Daishi, Junli, Ashely and Ronen (Jun, 2015).


Wu lab with Dr. Helmut Kettenmann (Apr, 2015).


Wu lab Christmas party (Dec, 2014). Happy holidays!


Wu lab with Seog Bae in SfN meeting at Washington DC (Nov, 2014).


Celebration for our first research article in Journal of Neuroscience (Aug, 2014).


Farewell party for Sri, Esha, and Bo (Jul, 2014). Congrats, guys!


Celebration for our first RO1 grant (May, 2014). Congrats, Wu lab!


Wu lab Christmas luncheon (Dec, 2013). Happy holidays!


Farewell party for Harsh (Aug 2013). Congrats, Harsh!


Aparna's birthday party (May 2013). Happy Birthday, Aparna!


 Wu Lab with Dale from Scientifica (Feb, 2013). Two-photon microscope is functional!